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Business Tax Help & Consulting - Frisco, TX

Business tax help Frisco TX

Business tax debt resolution and management solutions for local business owners

If you are a local business owner of Frisco, TX, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with crippling business tax debt.  Unfortunately, many hard-working business owners in and around Frisco encounter business tax problems of some kind, which can have a direct impact on the future of any business.  If you are a local business owner facing payroll tax or tax filing problems, or would like to take a proactive approach to avoid tax problems, our team of professional tax attorneys, accountants, and CPAs are prepared to help your business maintain healthy tax status.


Serving All Your Business Tax Help Needs

Payroll Tax Matters

The IRS takes payroll taxes very seriously, and can enforce harsh penalties to businesses who fail to stay on top of their payroll tax obligations. As a business owner, it's common to neglect paying payroll taxes when money is tight, or it may stem from a few simple miscalculations. Either way, payroll tax debt can have a detrimental effect on the welfare of your business, so we encourage any business owner to consult professional help with payroll taxes.  If you have any issues or concerns with your payroll tax obligations, our business tax resolution team can help resolve your payroll tax problems and keep them in compliance moving forward.

Worker Classification Matters

Worker classification (W-2 or 1099) can be more difficult than many business owners think.  Improperly classifying your workers is frowned upon by the IRS, and can lead to audits, and other harsh penalties if not rectified. We work with local business owners in and around Frisco to help bring clarity to the criteria of W-2 versus 1099 classification, and keep their business free of worker classification problems moving forward.

Overstated Deduction Matters

Any business owner tries to find ways to write-off as many expenses as possible, but there is a fine line between legitimate, and overstated deductions. If you fly too close to the sun when it comes to deductions on your tax returns, you will be subject to intrusive audits and harsh penalties from the IRS. To settle, and prevent overstated deductions, it's important to consult a business tax professional. For any complications or questions with your business tax returns, our business tax advisors can provide the clarification you need.

Tax Management & Bookkeeping Solutions

Business owners take on a significant amount of responsibility in order to keep their business profitable, and it's easy for accounting and tax obligations to suffer as a result.  This is why we offer all-inclusive accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing solutions for Frisco-area business owners who want to stay healthy and profitable.  We can construct an affordable, monthly plan for business owners to keep their business tax obligations in line, giving business owners peace of mind knowing their tax and accounting needs stay on track.


Professional Tax Resolution and Consulting for Frisco Business Owners

Our goal is to help your business succeed!  Don't let all the blood, sweat, and tears go by the wayside. We are available for all your business tax resolution and management needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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