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Struggling with IRS Problems?

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Denton, TX Tax Resolution Services

Taxpayers of Denton County can rely on our dedicated tax resolution team to properly resolve and prevent their IRS tax problems

Pure Tax Resolution is a professional tax resolution firm serving taxpayers throughout Denton and Collin Counties in need of professional help for their IRS tax problems.  Whether you're a Denton-area individual or business owner facing tax problems, our team of licensed tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents are at your service to construct a personalized tax resolution program that will settle your tax problems, and keep your assets and wages safe from collections.  We have served taxpayers locally, and across the state of Texas for over 15 years to offer proven results and customer service that the "1-800" national tax firms cannot provide.


Our Tax Resolution Specialties...

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

IRS back taxes are simply the most common form of tax problem, and they are typically the origin of most other IRS problems. Properly settling your IRS back taxes depends on you, are you ready to step up and take action today?  If you are a taxpayer of Denton County that is uncertain where to turn for IRS back taxes help, know that our tax resolution team has the knowledge and power to pursue a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plan for you.  By hiring us to negotiate a tax settlement plan with the IRS, you are taking the first step in correctly settling your back taxes, protecting your assets from collections, and securing a tax compliant future for your or your business.

Tax Attorney Representation

We can't stress enough how crucial it is to have a reliable and experienced tax attorney on your side when negotiating a tax settlement with the IRS.  Only a licensed tax attorney has the power to work the proper IRS channels, and apply their extensive knowledge of the IRS tax codes to reach an ideal tax settlement for you. We are proud to have a knowledgeable and customer-friendly team of tax attorneys at our firm that provide a unique advantage to our Denton County clients.

Tax Penalty Abatement

When you are victimized by IRS back taxes, time is your worst enemy.  The longer your tax debt goes unsettled or ignored, the more tax penalties and interest will be applied to your tax delinquency.  But, if you pursue the proper tax penalty abatement strategies, you can find yourself in an ideal situation where your tax penalties will be reduced, or even eliminated.  Our tax resolution professionals know how to negotiate a tax penalty settlement for our Denton clients, and can do the same for you.

IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits are an all-too common occurrence for Denton taxpayers with erroneous tax returns.  They can surface when you least expect it, as they can originate from a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it's a few simple, un-intentional oversights. Or, perhaps your tax preparer made a mistake you are unaware of.  In some cases, the errors on the tax returns are intentional. In any case, an IRS audit can evolve into a very hazardous situation....don't let this happen.  By contacting our firm today, we can discuss your options for IRS audit representation. Our licensed tax resolution experts can devise a plan to settle the IRS audit, can keep you compliant moving forward.

IRS Wage Garnishment Relief

IRS collections are the pinnacle of your tax problem, as your financial freedom is crippled once the IRS exercises a wage garnishment, levy, or lien against you.  If you are an individual or business owner of Denton County victimized by an IRS collection, or are receiving threatening letters from the IRS, the time to act is NOW.  By contacting our firm, you will be in touch with a team of tax resolution professionals that can contact the IRS immediately, and stop wage garnishments or other IRS collections before they ruin your financial freedom.

Business Tax Help, Bookkeeping, and Tax Management

Our firm is comprised of highly-qualified and experienced CPAs, Accountants, and Tax Attorneys that provide a full-suite of business tax help solutions for business owners in Denton County.  We not only resolve complicated business tax problems for your business, but we can provide full-service accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax management solutions to keep your business compliant and profitable.

International Tax Problems

For the select few residents of Denton County that are employed offshore, or have offshore investments, we provide a complete suite of international tax services to maintain tax compliance and keep your international assets safe. Our international tax attorney, Goldie Greenstein, has helped many individuals with international tax problems resolve issues, and consult with them to remain compliant for the life of their international employment or investments.


Full-Service Tax Resolution and Consulting for Denton Taxpayers

We are proud to provide a full-suite of tax resolution specialties for Denton taxpayers facing IRS tax problems of any kind. We not only want to eliminate your tax problems, but want to be your go-to resource for tax help and consulting for life.  Our firm offers free consultations, flat-rate fees, and 24-hour availability for our clients. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb today for a free personal consultation.

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