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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Resolution Services - Plano, TX

Pure Tax Resolution provides comprehensive IRS back tax forgiveness and tax resolution programs for Collin County taxpayers facing IRS problems of any kind

Are you a taxpayer of Plano or Collin County struggling with IRS problems?
Are you worried the IRS is going to target your assets or wages?

When dealing with IRS tax problems for you, or your business, it's important to understand the gravity of the situation and immediately pursue help for your IRS back taxes.  Unfortunately, the market is flooded with faceless tax help marketers that toss around flaky promises, and it's you, the taxpayer, that always falls victim.  For the taxpayer that wants proven, reliable, and customer-friendly help for their tax debt problems, Pure Tax Resolution offers full-service tax resolution services with a personal touch.  Our firm is comprised of in-house, licensed tax resolution professionals that work together for the benefit of our Plano clients. We are available to have a conversation with you today, free of charge, to discuss your needs and how our services can benefit you.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Resolution Options

Through the proper representation by a licensed tax professional, you have a great chance of qualifying for an affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will get the IRS off your back, and keep your assets and wages safe from collections...

IRS Installment Agreements

The most common and achievable IRS back tax forgiveness program, our licensed tax attorneys can negotiate a convenient installment plan, where you pay off your tax debt balance through affordable monthly installments.

Offer In Compromise (OIC) Programs

An Offer In Compromise (OIC), is a great option for Plano taxpayers with a significant amount of back tax debt, as in these cases the IRS may reduce the amount you owe in order to reach a settlement quicker. Only a licensed tax professional like our tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the privileges and experience to pursue an OIC for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Programs

Also labeled as a Hardship Determination, CNC status is given to taxpayers with IRS back taxes they simply cannot afford to pay, and still live comfortably.  A CNC status completely suspends your tax debt obligation, but you must be able to prove financial hardship with the help of a licensed tax attorney.  Pure Tax Resolution can help you qualify for a CNC by preparing the proper documentation and negotiating on your behalf.


Dealing With Other IRS Problems? We Have A Tax Resolution For You

Although IRS back taxes are the most common IRS problem, Plano taxpayers also find themselves dealing with tax problems that need special attention from a licensed tax resolution professional. Our firm provides full-service and personalized tax resolution options for Plano taxpayers...

Tax Attorney Advantage

Making the choice to hire a licensed tax attorney is the best possible decision you can make to properly settle your IRS tax problems. During any tax resolution case, many unknown issues can pop up that requires legal attention, and a tax attorney has the power and experience to deal with any complicated snag or problem you may face with the IRS.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

IRS back taxes + penalties + interest equals a very hazardous situation if not addressed properly. As your back taxes remain outstanding, you are looking at mounting penalties and interest, which will increase your odds of facing very serious IRS collections.  We specialize in a program called tax penalty abatement, where a licensed tax professional negotiates the reduction, or even elimination of your penalties and interest.

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Stop Wage Garnishment & Levies

As long as your back tax debt remains unsettled, you will be inching closer to being a target for an IRS collection in the form of a wage garnishment or bank levy.  The IRS issues collections as a last resort, and is more than willing to work with you if you have legal representation by a licensed tax attorney to stop wage garnishment. If you are facing a wage garnishment or levy, potential or existing, contact us today and we can discuss options to stop wage garnishment immediately.

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IRS Audit Representation & Defense

An audit is a mechanism used by the IRS to monitor tax filings and catch fraudulent activity. Although many IRS audits are harmless, some can originate from serious issues on a tax return, purposeful or not.  Regardless of the nature of your audit, having professional IRS audit representation on your side will greatly increase your chances of settling the audit, and avoiding more serious issues. Pure Tax Resolution provides legal help for your IRS audit resolution needs.

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Business Tax Services

Our approach to business tax help is about more than just reaching a tax settlement, it's about providing ongoing support for our Plano business clients to ensure they avoid IRS problems, and maintain healthy bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filings.  Whether you're a Collin County business owner facing tax filing or payroll issues, or looking to launch your business in the right direction with expert accounting, payroll, and financial management, our team of business CPAs and tax attorneys work together to help Plano businesses succeed.

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International Tax Attorneys & Consulting

With the ever-changing international tax regulations, local residents involved in foreign investments or employment matters find themselves facing complicated international tax problems. We have a team of international tax attorneys who specialize in resolving FBAR/FATCA and international tax filing issues.

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Personalized IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Tax Resolution Services for Plano Taxpayers

Whether it's a personal tax issue, or need help with business tax problems, the dedicated team at Pure Tax Resolution offer a full-suite of tax resolution methods personalized to your needs. Don't put your tax problems to the side and risk your financial future, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.


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