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IRS Audit Representation - Serving Frisco, TX Taxpayers

IRS audit representation Frisco TX

We work with Denton and Collin county individuals and businesses to navigate and avoid IRS audits of any kind

On a daily basis, the IRS issues audits against individuals and businesses as a method to regulate tax fraud. If you are a local individual or business owner in the Frisco area being targeted for an IRS audit, it's something you should take seriously, but not panic over.  Most audits can be harmless, but some are a direct result of fraudulent activity on your tax returns, and if the IRS identifies it, you are at risk of severe penalties.  Our dedicated IRS audit representation team consists of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents who have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers successfully navigate IRS audits, and avoid them moving forward.


Do You Need IRS Audit Representation?

When facing an IRS audit, it can be a similar situation to being an defendant in a felony trial.  Can you represent yourself? Yes, of-course.  Is it highly advisable to hire an attorney with legal experience and knowledge to represent you?  ALWAYS.  Although many IRS audits can be harmless, where the IRS randomly selects your returns for an audit, an audit can escalate into a much more serious issue without notice.  If the IRS suspects or identifies any fraud or errors on your tax return, wouldn't you feel more comfortable having an IRS audit representation professional on your side? 

In addition to random selection audits, the IRS can show up at your home or place of business if they feel you have committed tax fraud on your returns.  This is called a "field audit" and in these situations, the stakes are much higher and justify having professional IRS audit representation even more.  We are happy to speak with you today to discuss your IRS audit situation, and provide help any way we can.

Get Professional IRS Audit Representation and Avoid Tax Problems

Addressing your IRS audit alone could make or break your financial future.  If you are facing an audit of any kind, don't put yourself, or your business at risk. Our team of IRS audit representatives are ready to help you today. Contact us for a free consultation.

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