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Our licensed tax attorneys represent Denton and Collin county taxpayers to settle all IRS tax problems

When facing serious IRS tax problems, you are immediately at risk of much more serious issues, most notably IRS wage garnishment and levies.  With your personal and financial welfare on the line, having an experienced tax attorney on your side to exercise the IRS tax laws in your favor is absolutely crucial. At Pure Tax Resolution, we have an experienced, and licensed team of in-house tax attorneys and enrolled agents that have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers properly resolve their tax problems.  Our tax attorneys and enrolled agents (meet our team) understand the hardships our clients face, and provide friendly and prompt customer service on a daily basis.


The Advantages Our Tax Attorneys Provide You

IRS Communication Privileges

Having IRS tax debt and collection problems is stressful enough, but as a regular citizen, you do not have the ability to contact the proper IRS officials and negotiate your tax delinquency.  This is where having a licensed tax attorney and enrolled agent in your corner is crucial.  Our professional tax attorneys have the experience and exclusive authority to contact the proper IRS officials on your behalf.

Expert Negotiation Skills

Along with their extensive knowledge of the IRS tax codes, our tax attorneys have honed their craft in IRS negotiations, and it has payed significant dividends for our clients.  Through years of law school and field experience, we have achieved many ideal tax debt settlements for our Frisco-area clients through professional IRS negotiation practices.

Ethics & Professional Customer Service

There are thousands of tax attorneys that can negotiate your IRS tax settlement, but very few who abide to the ethics of honesty and customer service that Pure Tax Resolution was built on. Our team of tax law professionals provide friendly and prompt service for our clients.  We are people that help other people, and we strive to offer top-notch customer service that the faceless tax attorney firms can't offer.


Professional, Trustworthy Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents at your service

If you are an individual or business owner of the Frisco area experiencing tax problems of any kind, our dedicated tax law professionals are equipped to provide the tax help and customer service you need. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a free consultation

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