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From our tax resolution officesa, we have provided a large variety of individuals and businesses within the local Frisco-area, and beyond, with personalized IRS tax resolution services.  We understand that each taxpayer and business is different, which is why we continue to evolve our tax resolution services to meet the needs of our clients.

The Tax Resolution Clients We Serve..

Individuals/Single Family Homes

Many of our tax resolution clients in the Frisco-area earn W-2 wages and have found themselves facing IRS troubles due to some simple oversights on their tax returns, didn't file, or have been victimized by accounting malpractice.  Some of these situations can be much more complex, particularly in cases of marital disputes, child custody, and other domestic complications.  Regardless of the scenario, our team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents have helped hundreds of individuals taxpayers rectify their tax filing issues, settle outstanding tax debt/IRS collections, and steer them in the right direction to avoid future IRS trouble.


Business Owners

Many business owners, whether established or new, fail to properly plan their tax and accounting obligations.  Understandably, there are many responsibilities involved that can distract a Frisco-area business owner from properly understanding and managing their tax, payroll, and bookkeeping.  Through our many years of providing business tax resolution and consulting for local businesses, we have seen the many pitfalls that can spell doom for a business. The unfortunate part is, in many cases, a few simple oversights caused the business to be on shaky ground.  Our business clients typically consist of small to medium sized business owners in Collin and Denton county with payroll tax debt, overstated deduction issues, or worker classification errors.  Through proper tax filing and accounting, we have guided many local business owners out of IRS trouble, and help them thrive and grow by providing ongoing tax, payroll, accounting, and cash-flow management solutions.


Professional Athletes

Many professional athletes from our local Dallas teams call Denton and Collin counties their home.  In many cases, these athletes encounter IRS tax problems. It's quite common that when athletes are not used to dealing with large amounts of compensation from their contracts, they are overwhelmed and fail to remain tax compliant.  We help these athletes rectify any tax problems, and formulate a long-term plan to keep their tax filing in compliance and avoid hefty IRS penalties.


Physicians and Attorneys

Physicians and attorneys that maintain a private practice have large amounts of money coming in, but sometimes fail to properly monitor where it goes.  Many of our local legal and medical clients are too preoccupied with running their practice that their tax filing, payroll, and accounting gets sidetracked, in turn developing into a detrimental situation with the IRS.  We help physicians and attorneys with private practices organize and maintain their employee classification, payroll, cash-flow, bookkeeping, and any other financial obligation that could potentially cause IRS problems. 


International Investors

Many local residents with offshore investments, or plan on investing offshore are unable to stay compliant with the complicated, ever-changing international tax obligations. Failing to stay compliant with FATCA, FBAR, and other international tax guidelines is quite common, and it can evolve into harsh penalties as a result.  We have encountered many local residents with offshore investments that are being seized by the IRS due to tax filing complications.  Our international tax team helps international investors stay on track with proper international tax reporting, and management.


International Employees

There is a considerable population of Texas residents that currently work on international soil, or have business operations outside of the U.S.  Naturally, there are more complicated tax reporting issues when a U.S. resident earns international income.  We resolve these problems with proper international tax resolution strategies, and continue to help our international employment clients maintain tax compliance.


Comprehensive Tax Resolution Services of Frisco, TX

We are proud to serve any and all local residents with personalized tax resolution and management strategies.  Regardless of your background or profession, we can formulate a plan to resolve your IRS problems and keep you in compliant.  Contact us for a free consultation today.

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