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Professional tax resolution services catered to Denton and Collin County taxpayers facing IRS problems of any kind

Pure Tax Resolution is comprised of an experienced and licensed team of tax resolution professionals that negotiate with the IRS on behalf of Frisco-area taxpayers to properly resolve all IRS tax debt problems. If you have lingering tax problems, or would like to take proactive measures to avoid tax problems moving forward, we would like to have a discussion with you today. We serve individuals of Frisco, Carrollton, Denton, McKinney, Plano, and any other local community to provide honest and effective tax settlement help.

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IRS Back Tax Help

If you have received the dreaded IRS letters in the mail notifying you of delinquent taxes, you have joined the thousands of taxpayers across Texas that have IRS back taxes of some kind. It's easy to panic, because yes, owing back taxes can be a very hazardous situation to be in.  The good news is that regardless of the nature or age of your back taxes, you may be eligible for an IRS back tax forgiveness program.  It begins with owning your situation, and contacting the IRS back taxes help professionals at Pure Tax Resolution. Our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents work together to bring your tax filing into compliance, and pursue a relief plan that will get the IRS off your back.


Licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

With any tax settlement case we handle for our Frisco clients, our team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents plays a vital role in reaching the ideal settlement.  Only a licensed tax law expert has the legal power and professional experience needed to properly negotiate tax settlements with the IRS.  We are proud to have a great team of seasoned and customer-friendly tax attorneys and enrolled agents our Frisco-area clients can rely on. See how the tax attorney advantage can help you!


Tax Penalty Abatement

Along with your delinquent back taxes, the IRS will tack on penalties and interest for as long as your tax debt remains outstanding.  The IRS considers penalties and interest as encouragement to pay your back taxes off as soon as possible. If you are facing IRS back taxes and penalties, there is no reason to wait to address them, as your debt will continue to grow out of control.  We have helped hundreds of Texas taxpayers resolve and avoid tax penalties and interest through our specialized tax penalty abatement services.


IRS Audit Representation

If you have filed a tax return with errors or miscalculations, chances are the IRS has noticed and will classify you for an audit.  Not only does the IRS issue audits against taxpayers with falsified tax returns, they also randomly select taxpayers for audits as well. If you are targeted for an audit, regardless of the origin, having professional IRS audit representation on your side is key to successfully navigating an audit. Our team of tax resolution experts can step in and represent you in front of the IRS to settle your audit properly.


International Tax Services

Although not as common as domestic IRS problem,s, international tax problems are a reality for many Dallas and Frisco-area residents who invest offshore, or are involved with international employment/business matters (Expat).  The U.S. Government continues to evolve their international tax laws, making it more difficult for taxpayers to keep up. Our goal is to work with local residents of Frisco and surrounding communities to protect their international assets and maintain healthy international tax filing.


CPA and Accounting Services

Along with our extensive tax resolution practices, we also provide tax accounting and management solutions to our clients.  Our goal is to see our clients maintain healthy tax status moving forward, and our CPAs and Accountants work for our clients to keep their tax filing and preparation in compliance.


Pure Tax Resolution strives to be an all-inclusive resource for Frisco area residents in need of professional IRS help. We're not only dedicated to delivering results for our clients, but take pride in delivering a customer experience second to none. No matter the nature or complexity of your tax problem, our dedicated tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents are at your service for all your tax resolution needs.


We offer free consultations, superior customer service, and flat-rate fees for all of our tax resolution services. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb for a FREE consultation.

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