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Professional Tax Resolution Services of Frisco, TX

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Our goal at Pure Tax Resolution is to provide taxpayers of Collin and Denton counties professional help for IRS back taxes, wage garnishments, or any IRS problem they may encounter. Our dedicated team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs work directly with local residents to settle and prevent all individual, business, and international tax problems. If you have new or existing IRS problems, or are in need of a professional tax firm to manage your accounting and bookkeeping, we are at your service for all your tax settlement needs. We offer free consultations for individuals and businesses in Frisco and all northern Dallas communities. Call today to speak directly with myself and expect nothing but a positive experience. We are tax help you can trust!

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Pure Tax Resolution

For Individuals

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness

Proven & professional help for IRS back taxes.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Reduce, or even eliminate your nagging tax penalties.

IRS Wage Garnishment/Levy Relief

Protect your hard-earned assets & wages from the IRS.

IRS Audit Representation

Professional IRS audit representation and settlement plans.

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For Businesses

Payroll Tax Resolution

Payroll tax debt settlement & management plans.

Worker Classification Matters

Employee? Contractor? Avoid worker classification errors.

Overstated Deduction Matters

Proper classification and filing of your business expenses.

Accounting, & Bookkeeping Plans

Full-service tax & accounting solutions for your business.

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International Tax

FBAR Consulting

FBAR planning, filing, & resolution for your offshore assets.

FATCA Consulting

FATCA planning, filing, & resolution for your offshore assets.

Foreign Employment/VISA Worker

Tax resolution for international employees & businesses.

Tax & Accounting Services

International tax planning & management.

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Are you a Frisco-area taxpayer facing IRS tax debt or penalties?

Are you subject to IRS collections against your wages or assets?

Is your business in trouble due to business tax problems?

Frisco, TX is one of the fastest growing communities in the entire country, and just like any other expanding market, IRS problems are an unfortunately reality for many.  Individuals and businesses that find their well-being threatened by the IRS may wait too long to pursue professional IRS help, and once they do, they are subject to the multitude of "1-800" tax resolution gimmicks that prey on unsuspecting taxpayers.  If you are a local taxpayer of Denton or Collin county facing IRS difficulties of any kind, Pure Tax Resolution would like to speak with you today to offer a professional solution for your IRS tax problems.

Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2004, Pure Tax Resolution was built to offer proven tax resolution methods with an emphasis on customer service.  Our firm not only focuses on resolving tax problems, we focus on providing a honest, customer-friendly alternative to the faceless tax gimmicks that plague the TV, radio, and internet. We can't stress enough that if you are facing IRS tax debt of any kind, it's crucial that you act now to avoid more damage.  The IRS favors those who are proactive, and having a professional IRS advocate on your side can make or break your financial future. 



What's your tax problem?  Our licensed tax resolution professionals are prepared to offer you a personalized tax resolution strategy today..


Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution is an industry term used to describe how your tax problems are resolved.  There are any variety of different factors involved with a tax debt case, which ultimately determines what tax resolution strategy is exercised as a result.  As a professional tax resolution firm, our goal is to listen to our client's unique needs and formulate a personalized plan that will settle your IRS tax problems, and avoid them moving forward.


IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs

IRS back taxes are the most common tax problem, and they can grow into much more serious issues if not addressed immediately.  The IRS is willing to work with Frisco-area citizens to settle their IRS back taxes, but it's important to have a licensed tax attorney to negotiate on your behalf, and reach a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness strategy that will accommodate your personal and financial welfare.


IRS Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

Any successful tax resolution case is a product of a licensed Tax Attorney and Enrolled Agent properly representing the best interest of their clients before the IRS.  Only a licensed tax attorney or enrolled agent possess the skills and certifications required to communicate with the IRS, and pursue the proper tax resolution strategies.


IRS Wage Garnishment Help

Once your tax debt goes unsettled for an extended period of time, the IRS will target your hard-earned assets and wages in the form of an IRS wage garnishment or bank lvy.  IRS collections happen on a daily basis, and the unfortunate reality is that these intrusive collections could of been easily avoided with preventative action.  Putting a stop, or preventing IRS wage garnishment and levies begins with consulting our Frisco IRS wage garnishment relief experts immediately.


IRS Audit Representation

Every day, the IRS is issuing audits against Texas taxpayers. Some are a result of purposeful errors or fraud on a tax return...while many citizens are randomly selected for an audit. Regardless of the nature of your audit, having professional IRS audit representation is key to settling your audit, and avoiding IRS problems moving forward.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

Many Frisco and Dallas-area taxpayers who are dealing with tax debt are unaware of the accruing tax penalties and interest as a result.  This is another reason why it's important to pursue professional help ASAP, so tax penalties and interest don't grow out of control.  Resolving, and preventing tax penalties and interest begins with consulting a professional IRS penalty abatement professional today.


Business Tax Resolution & Management

Many Frisco-area business owners find themselves struggling with tax problems with their business. Payroll tax, worker classification, overstated deductions, and any other business tax problem can arise over a few simple oversights, and even though they may be by mistake, they can grow into a very hazardous problem for you business. We work with local business owners to settle tax problems, and provide sound tax management and consulting solutions to keep their business healthy and profitable.


International Tax Resolution & Consulting

Just like any other domestic tax problem, the IRS closely monitors and penalizes Texas residents with offshore investment or employment delinquency.  As the U.S. international tax regulations continue to evolve, international tax compliance becomes more difficult for those with offshore investments, or are involved with international business matters.  Our international tax attorneys work with local taxpayers to resolve and prevent international tax problems of any kind.


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